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No. 1

Form and Function Identity

A complete identity package for Form & Function

No. 2

Form and Function Logos

Four logos designed for a fictional, high-end chair designer.

No. 3

Times Roman Poster

A poster depiticing the origins of Times through visual imagery and layout.

No. 4

Type as Image

Merging photography and real-world items with digital 3D letterforms.

No. 5

Introduction to Graphic Design

A compilation of compositions in conjunction with process sketches and layouts exploring the basics of graphic design.

No. 6

Architecture Interpretation Posters

2 posters inspired by Zaha Hadid’s Bergisel Ski Jump in Innsbruck, Austria.

No. 7

Involution Studios Website Redesign

Bringing a design studio website up to modern-day standards.

No. 8

Chicago Poster and Event Package

Travel poster and city-hosted-event package for Chicago, IL.

No. 9

The Triangle Live and Multimedia Bumpers

Animated bumpers for Drexel Univetsity’s independent student newspaper.

No. 10

The Triangle Website 2014 Redesign

A minimialistic approach to presenting the news, with a focus on images and whitespace.

No. 11

Rock Your Head Productions Website

A simple site for a MA-based production company centering on the arts.

No. 12

Arlington Public News Website

A responsive website designed for rapidly-published content.

No. 13

Arlington Public News Animation Package

Multi-colored animated bumpers for a weekly public-access news program.

No. 14


Assorted branding and animation projects that I’ve come up with over the years.