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Architecture Interpretation Posters

Created for: Drexel GD Coursework

As part of a final project for the “Introduction to Graphic Design” course, and as a item that would eventually be included in the spiral-bound compilation, I designed 2 posters inspired by Zaha Hadid’s Bergisel Ski Jump.

Dot and line poster Typographic poster

The left poster was constrained to only utilizing 10 dots and 10 lines— no more. When thinking about how to approach the design for this poster, I researched the ski jump extensively and learned that Zaha herself intended for the form of the structure to be a natural extension of the hillside that it was built on. Taking from this, I designed the first poster to employ ideas of continuation, leading the viewer’s eye off the format, and then back on again, while giving them time to settle on the dots and line knockouts that interspersed the heavy lines.

For the typographic poster, I started out by tying to force typefaces such as Futura and Helvetica into the shape of the ski jump, with the intent of repeating my ideas from the dot and line poster. Ultimately, I decided to experiment radically and switch from a sans-serif to a serif typeface, in this case Bodoni. Bodoni’s modern forms and sharp contrast ended up making it both clean but also elegant and animated within the composition. In addition, the directional movement of the typeface helped tie the two posters together as a pair, with both utilizing the ideas of continuation throughout the composition.