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Arlington Public News Website

Created for: APN, ACMi

The Arlington Public News website was and still is a project that required many hours of time to all that were involved, my role being to develop most of the website using designs and feature requests that I was handed. Special thanks go to Sara Alfaro-Franco, Arlington Public News Director, for the idea, Sean Snyder for the designs for the look and feel and the leader behind the migration process, as well as to Chris and Lauren, two Arlington Public News Interns who assisted Sean in migrating the site.

When designing the site’s look, Sean wanted to make sure there would be a unique look for the different media pages, but also have functionality. On each single media item’s page, we implemented FitVids.js to allow media to scale flexibly and easily when moving between breakpoints. For our search page, we implemented a simple search field and combined it with a plugin that would index all content on the site and return the results into the database.

For our newscast pages, Sean decided that it would be a good decision to display the segments that were included in the newscast below the newscast itself. We found a solution within Elliot Condon’s Advanced Custom Fields, which allowed us to “attach” other media items to the one we were editing. In addition, the news director wanted to see a full categories list page featuring the 5 most recent posts from each category. With some PHP fiddling and some nested loops, this was implemented.