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Chicago Poster and Event Package

Created for: Drexel GD Coursework

As part of a series of coursework for a Computer Imaging course centered on rendering with detail Illustrator, these 2 posters were designed to go hand and hand for the final 2 projects. For the first, a travel poster, I selected 3 key elements (Willis Tower, Trump Hotel & Tower, and a L Train) from Chicago’s landmarks and features and spent time capturing as much detail as possible using vector objects. Once I finished rendering the elements, I set to work creating a series of compositions, finally leading to the left-hand poster.

Chicago travel poster Chicago Design Conference event poster

The right-hand poster came about from the final project, which was to build on the travel poster, incorporating just 1 of the original elements into a poster for an either real or fictional event that the city would host (in my case Chicago). I opted to create a geometric compostion using duotone-style effects for what would be the fictional “Chicago Design Conference” (abbreviated CDC).

In addition to creating the event poster, the project also consisted of a postcard, keychain, and stamp that would complement the design of the poster. I stayed true to similar color schemes, duotones, and geometric shapes as the event poster, creating a system of “repetition with variation”.

CDC Postcard
CDC Postcard