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Form and Function Identity

Created for: Drexel GD Coursework

As a culmination to my corporate identity coursework, I selected the Form and Function typographic logo, selected a color scheme, and began to explore applications for the mark in 4 elements required for the projcet: a letterhead, envelope, business card, and a 4th element of my choosing.

When designing this package, I remembered to not lose sight of the background of the company and who they were: a high-end chair designer with a minimalistic, clean, and modern style.

Elements laid out on a table

The letterhead and business card were designed with minimalism in mind, and were intended to look almost fashionable and intriguing as “designed objects”.

Close up of business card
Stack of cards Stack of letterheads
Close up of letterhead
Top of letterhead, detail Bottom of letterhead, detail
Another layout, focus on cards and envelope
Another detail of business cards, with other elements in background Detail of cards from left side

For the 4th element of this package, I created a miniature chair engraved with the F&F logo. This chair would come with a set of sticky note tabs that would be attached to the seat, making the chair a form, but also functional as an object— a physical representation of the company’s name. The chair would be presented as pieces in a box that would also house the business card. The idea with this element was that a representative would hand this box to attendees at a conference or formal event, and upon opening the box, the recipient would be greeted with the 4 pieces necessary to assemble the chair, as well as the rep’s card.

Shot of completed chair with logo engraving, and business card propped up against chair