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Form and Function Logos

Created for: Drexel GD Coursework

Form & Function is a fictional company that I created a series of logos for as part of an identity course. As part of the coursework, I had to design 4 logos for the company and finally an identity package that would entail using one of the previous logos in application. The background behind Form & Function (abbreviated F&F) is that they are a chair design corporation with a US/EU presence and market themselves toward a high-income consumer.

The pictorial logo I designed for F&F came out of researching different chairs with a variety of seats and bases, eventually settling on a few which I combined together and then simplified to produce the above mark.

Form and Function pictoral logo

Form the F&F typographic logo, I modified the forms of Franklin Gothic’s F’s to create a dual meaning with the ampersand representing “Form” and the F’s representing “function”.

Form and Function typographic logo

For the combination logo, I took inspiration from simple line drawings of chairs I found and redrew a new form that would serve as a simple chair, but also had the potential to be read as an ampersand.

Form and Function combination logo

Finally for the abstract logo, I selected the Fibonacci spiral (the form) to be the main element and positioned it so that the spiral became negative space cutting through a series of blocks stacked on top of each other (the function).

Form and Function abstract logo