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Introduction to Graphic Design

Created for: Drexel GD Coursework

For the culiminating project of the “Introduction to Graphic Design” course, I had to produce a sprial-bound book with vinyl back and clear plastic cover consiting of all our compositions I had designed and inked for the duration of the course.

book cover square sketches

Apart from just the compositions, I was also required to place description pages and title pages featuring sketches of my work to show the process leading to the final compositions, and would also serve as dividers to seperate the different series of works.

square and line page 'pop' composition

The 3 different series featured in the first section of the book included compositions consisting of only squares, only a set number squares and lines, and finally only dots.

dot composition sketches

At the end of the first 3 sets of compositions, I had the job of creating an animation using the squares, lines, and dots from the first series’.

animation storyboard animation frames

On the completion of the shapes series, the course moved on to the object series, which consisted of taking a mechanical object and reducing it to a form of only black or white in Photoshop and create 4 different compositions with said form.

single object layout page single object close-up page

The 2nd half of the object series consited of integrating a 2 typographic characters into 2 sets of 2 from the original compositions. By adding the element of typography, I was encouraged to think critically about the forms of the characters we selected and how they would integrate into the form of the object.

multi-object layout

Finally, for the last series of the course, I was assigned an architect and and strucutre and challenged to create 2 posters, one consiting of a maximum of 10 lines and 10 dots, and one consisting of only each letter of the architect’s name or the name of the building.

dot and line poster wide dot and line poster close-up
type poster wide shot type poster close-up
type poster detail

As the last component of the architecture series, I was once again tasked with creating an animation inspired by the form of the building and our poster. Photographic imagery could be used, and challenged us to think about how our posters could be used as a beginning, middle, or end of an animation.