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Involution Studios Website Redesign

Created for: Involution Studios

This past summer, I was asked to collaborate with the staff of Involution Studios on an internal project that had been already started, but had lost steam along the way. Before the redesign, the website was non-responsive, non-retina-ready, and was based off of WordPress for everything. Involution thought that they could do better with a static website that served nothing dynamically and was sleek, fast, minimalistic, modern, and above all, responsive for all devices.

I was brought in to help speed the process and bring some of my design vision to the internal framework that powered the site, as well as the overall graphic design of how the site would eventually look. Looking at their portfolio, I knew that a simplistic design would be required to maintain in their case studies to keep a viewer’s attention focused on the visual content.

When I arrived at Involution, the project was already being worked on by Software Designer Adam Pere. Adam and I would spend the next 3 months finishing the site and rewriting most of the code. As part of my contribution, I made over 73,000 deletions to the site’s core framework, Zurb Foundation, which I took an immediate dislike to. I figured that since Involution was a well-respected design studio, they should be running their site on custom code rather than a pre-built, modular, cookie-cutter style framework. The site’s final layout, which is still being used today on new layouts, was based on a new custom-built grid system that I authored to replace Zurb.

Based on my previous work developing On an Island for The Triangle, I was asked to work on flushing out a unified design for some of the larger format case studies. In working on these case studies, I wanted to make sure that all the important parts of the project were highlighted using the imagery that we had available. In addition, it was important to give Involution the ability to share the story behind their larger projects besides just facts and figures.

In addition to the portfolio portions of the site, the team at Involution also wanted to include a series of pages that showcased the company, the team, and the sorts of people they were looking to work with as interns and as collaborators. As such, we were able to introduce pages that featured members of the Involution staff as well as a section of the site that featured a live Twitter feed.

In adding these pages, we were able to show off much more about the personalities that made this company get to where they are today; through collaboration as a team.

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