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Rock Your Head Productions Website

Created for: RYHP

Dan Black, the founder of Rock Your Head productions was and still is a good friend of mine. When he approached me to do his website for him, I knew that it was going to have to be a video heavy site, while at the same time being simple enough for his customers to navigate and see his works. We sat down for a preliminary meeting where he and I bounced ideas off each other for about 45 minutes and looked at other sites of creative professionals. We eventually came up with this look of putting his logo front and center, and having the content be stacked one by one in a single column.

Once Dan had created an about video for his company, he asked for that to be placed on the homepage to be the prominent feature. To accomplish this, a small amount of redesigning was necessary, as well as doing some clever work with the FitVids.js plugin.

The single pages on Rock Your Head Productions are clean and simple, and are designed to be easily edited via WordPress, which powers the site. While I could have designed the site using just HTML and CSS, Dan and I both agreed that WordPress might be useful in the future should modifications to the site be required, and could then be executed in a straightforward way.

See the finished site at