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Times Roman Poster

Created for: Drexel GD Coursework

A poster about the typeface Times Roman

For my typographic poster project, I was assigned the typeface Times Roman, and had to design a poster that encapsulated the essence of the typeface through visual representations of the era from which the typeface was designed. Since Times was designed in the ‘30s, I decided to research the architectural styles of that time, as form & structure are elements that make Times what it is.

My research showed that a lot of the 1920’s architecture and style carried through into the 30’s, even in Great Britain, where Times was designed for The Times newspaper by typographer Stanley Morrison. Stanley was commissioned by The Times to redesign their body copy typeface, as the one the paper had been using was archaic and somewhat illegible in certain contexts. Morrison’s solution was to design a typeface that was extraordinarily basic, so that anyone that picked up the paper would be able to read its content without being distracted by the letterforms.