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Type as Image

Created for: Drexel GD Coursework

The word ‘vibrato’ merged with various items.

For the “Type as Image” project, I was given the word “vibrato” and asked to compile a list of objects that were represenational of that word. I then accquired the objects and photographed them from a varity of angles, capturing both the whole object, but also details that I could use out of context later.

The final composition is a result of 3D letterforms generated in Photoshop merged with either parts of the photographed objects or the entire objects themselves. The objects seen here are a screw for the “I”, guitar strings in the “B”, a chain for the “R”, wires for the “T”, and finally springs for the “O”.

When selecting objects, I thought about the word “vibrato” in an abstract way and therefore selected objects that had a vibrational quality to them, or were things that could actually vibrate in the composition.